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Feedback is greatly appreciated. Have an idea for a new feature or a better layout? Best place to leave it as of now would be the subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/kappaws/


What is EPM
EPM stands for Emotes per Minute.

How is EPM calculated?
EPM is a rolling one minute sum of emotes in a channel. Only one occurrence of an emote is counted per message. That is to say a message with 10xKappa in it would only add one to the total for the minute in which it occurred.

Why only one emote per message?
The original goal of the site was to track the current mood of a channel. Being able to quickly see where interesting activity was happening live. With this system a person sending a single emote has as much value as another person sending the same emote 20 times in one message. In the future it may take in to account the number of participants. The record system was not designed for people to attempt to explicitly achieve top records. Instead it was meant to track major events.

Records are based on on when the season started, April 1st 2017. Records may be retroactively deleted if bots participated.

Whats a season?
A season runs for as long as we can afford to keep the site hosted. At the end of the season all records are lost. The next season starts when planets are in the correct alignment.

What channels are included?
All channels that are in the top 1000 by viewers are monitored. If you would like to opt your channel out send a message to kappamarket on twitch using the channel you want to opt-out on. Please allow 14 days for processing. In the future there might be a preferences page on the site...

Minimum Browser requirements:
Latest Desktop Chrome, Intel Core i7-6950X, 4x GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, and an 8k monitor. Any less and is simply unacceptable.

I got global banned.
30 messages in 30 seconds gets you an 8 hour chat ban or something like that.

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